WHY MEN ARE Dumping Me: Understanding Yourself


Throughout the life of many women in relationships with men, disappointments await, which are both very significant and small. Someone left you, you yourself left someone, while experiencing rather negative feelings. It would seem that she met a guy, a wonderful relationship began, completely different from the previous romance. But no, and they ended as usual – very sad. What to do if the situation repeats itself? A woman who is once again unlucky in love asks herself the question “why do men leave me?”.

From this article you will learn:

  • Why do many women always break up at the initiative of men
  • What are the reasons why men leave women
  • Types of women men always leave
  • What should be done so that men do not quit

Why do men always leave me

A man really appreciates the comfortable relationship, both physical and mental, that exists between him and his woman. Many women make mistakes. Here are the most typical ones.

Lack of support and respect

Having decided to build a serious relationship, a man is sure in advance that the partner will have a sense of respect for him, appreciate him and support him in every possible way. The latter is important for him: support from a woman should be in any of his undertakings. A man expects admiration from the chosen one, perception of him as a leader, laughter at his jokes, sensitivity, delicacy. It is also important for him that the lady never goes against him and does not move away from him. In unpleasant situations, even with great difficulties – next to him, in sorrow and in joy – with him. If everything happens like this, the partners go through life as a couple, and if not, everyone will have their own path further.

different worlds

Over time, partners learn a lot about each other that was previously hidden to them: character traits, principles, judgments, and more. An important moment in the relationship is taking place – an assessment of the already formed life baggage of the chosen one and comparing it with your own. If the worldview of the partners is very different, they have opposite views on the main (sometimes less significant) life values, quite serious disagreements can arise between them, sometimes leading to parting. Relationships will not be strong where a woman does not take an active part in the life of her soul mate. You should definitely be interested in a man’s work, his hobbies (it’s great if his hobby becomes common), success, and admire new ideas. All this is pleasant for the representatives of the stronger sex and can even inspire them to new achievements.

Over control

Do you control your man everywhere and everywhere, require a report on any of his actions, during checks do you try to identify evidence of infidelity? Here, an urgent review of your approach to relations with the chosen one is clearly needed. You can’t insist on everything, thereby undermining the authority of a man. As well as showing him your distrust, demonstrating constant suspicion and jealousy. Otherwise, you will be tormented by the question “why do men leave me without explanation?”.

Sexy “calm”

No wonder men and women are called people from different planets. They perceive many things in life absolutely differently, including sexual relations. The representatives of the stronger sex always have a desire to have sex, but sometimes there is no opportunity. The ladies are the opposite, they do not always want to do it.

Lack of desire is most often manifested when a woman does not love her partner, because this is important to her. Men, in general, are overwhelmed by more mundane feelings: thoughts about sex come to their heads much more often than women – that’s their nature. When a man sees how playfully the eyes of his partner shine, and feels her desire, his self-esteem grows. Couples who do not achieve sexual harmony often break up. So be freer in your intimate life, liberate yourself. Let your loved one get more than usual from you and be pleasantly surprised. In this case, it is only yours.

Hypertrophied egocentrism

There are women who are convinced that they are the center of the universe and everything revolves around them. They are not at all interested in the opinion and feelings of a partner, as if all this is absent and there is no need to listen. With their own hands, they alienate a man from themselves, concentrating attention exclusively on themselves and not recognizing their mistakes. A man by nature is a dominant, it is natural that he will do without such a lady who questions his male “I”.

A game of male pride

There are ladies who want to assert themselves and raise their own self-esteem through defiant behavior in society, permanent flirting and flirting with everyone in order to attract the attention of a man they like, and at the same time to fill their own price. As a rule, such a woman does not receive the expected result. On the contrary, the chosen one loses interest in these games of hers. Previously, of course, he sometimes bought into them, but his patience finally ran out.
It is worth expressing sympathy for the ladies who have chosen such tactics: it is very stupid to try to awaken warm feelings in a man by doing very impartial acts, practically equating yourself in the eyes of your beloved with women of the most ancient profession. Having gained the trust of a partner, do not scatter it.


Among women, there are those for whom only money and the status of her partner are a priority. Most likely, a man will not consider such a lady as a life partner and future wife. There is no guarantee that during a possible financial storm she will not leave the family boat. Going to marry, a man wants to be confident in his chosen one, her reliability and decency.

Who needs a madcap who frowns and is indignant when she receives a silver item instead of a gold one, one flower instead of a luxurious bouquet, etc. as a wife? Believe me, there are more important things in life than money. Try to see a victorious man in your chosen one, this will help him become just that, but only if you love and believe.

Types of women who are always dumped by men

Few women blame themselves when they are haunted by bad luck in love. It is not easy to admit that you choose the wrong men, do not try to get rid of the negativity in your character, your appearance leaves much to be desired, you are a careless mistress.
But it is precisely these qualities that men do not like, which is why they avoid such ladies. If a woman does not try to find an answer to the question “why do men leave me?” Psychology will be powerless to help her.

1. Actress

A woman can afford to appear before her lover either as a sublime ephemeral creature, or as a bad girl. Today – humility itself, tomorrow – the sovereign. Men like the so-called role-playing games, especially if the relationship started recently. However, this is not about such ladies. Some of the fair sex simply manipulate a man and his feelings, hiding their true face and appearing before him in a completely alien image. She is now a “good girl” for him.
Of course, most of us, when trying to attract an interested person, can play a little, showing only the best qualities of character. However, there are women who try to achieve their goal at any cost, even appearing in the form of a completely different person. Such behavior in the future will certainly provoke the collapse of the relationship.

The “good girl” has a problem: her true nature will certainly come out as soon as she gets tired of her unusual role. Seeing a real lady, a man, most likely, will not be happy.
Here is a typical example. The lady, who, as they say, is a complete egoist, liked the man, she wants to win him over. A woman enters the role, now she is an enthusiastic, caring, attentive and interested person, giving a man compliments and surrounding him with tenderness. The man begins to feel that she is literally dissolved in him.

But some time has passed. The man clearly succumbed to women’s tricks and is sure that he met his one and only, who also needs him. And suddenly, having removed the mask, she shows him her true face, and far from being fairies from a fairy tale, but capricious and selfish. Now the partner hears only: “I want”, “I have my own affairs” and the like. He finally realizes that a relationship with such a lady is a deception, manipulation. After this, parting is usually not far off, and the woman remains in thought over the question “why do men always leave me?”.

2. Creative natures

Such ladies exist, as it were, outside of reality, they hover in the clouds and cannot soberly assess the current situation. Their mood changes frequently.

Such an unearthly person may appeal to a romantic young man, inexperienced and inexperienced, who has not yet been touched by domestic and financial problems. A mature man does not need this woman. He knows that only trouble can be expected from such a relationship, so he disappears. You can never explain to such a girl the reason why you spend little time with her (and it’s simple: he must earn good money, which means he must work hard). She does not understand all this, as well as the fact that after work a man needs her smile and a delicious dinner. Life is not for her. But to play a whole performance in the evening – please: “I have been alone for so long, you left me!”, Not forgetting to ask for expensive boots and a dress in between.

3. A bore who knows everything about men

The lady attended various psychological trainings, as a result becoming their victim. She has theoretical knowledge about the behavior that must be followed with men, and really wants to try them out in practice. Often such women, trying to explain to the representative of the stronger sex that his behavior is inappropriate, do not speak in simple words, but scatter tricky scientific terms.

4. Eternal pessimist

Few people can constantly listen to talk about being in a depressed state, endless troubles in life. If both pessimistic partners have such a tendency, there will definitely not be a long union, because they annoy each other. An optimist, even the most positive and joyful person, will endure whining for a maximum of two days, on this his strength and attempts to cheer up the lady will end. Will such a woman be able to become different so as not to suffer over the question “why do men leave me without explanation”?

5 Marriage Craze

Some women want to get married so badly that they talk about this man right away. He does not leave the feeling that after the first dinner with a girl in a restaurant, he has only two ways left: to the registry office or to run away. It is not surprising if he chooses to run away, as is usually the case in such cases.

6. Emphatically independent

Men are interested in independent and independent women, who, however, do not demonstrate these qualities too much. The chosen one should not hear that you and one are fine, so you do not value your relationship with him too much. In this case, he does not understand why he needs a partner, and leaves her. By the way, some women try to put on a mask of independence, emphasizing this with appropriate behavior, being in fact weak and vulnerable. It is better to show your partner that you are very interested in him. Let him understand that communication with him gives you joy.

7. Princess in the tower

There are ladies who are practically devoid of emotions and do not like communication, who believe that men should achieve their (princesses) location only after passing through thousands of obstacles. But that usually doesn’t happen. Who needs a cold and unkind partner? Men try to avoid such ladies.

8. Drowned in routine

An extinct look, despondency on her face – this is a woman who has one permanent route: from home to work and back. She, having become akin to a donkey on a leash, living life in a circle, is invisible to others, uninteresting to men, although earlier she may have been a winner in beauty contests.

Tortured by life, women have too weak energy. Men do not feel the fluid emanating from them. Break the routine! Try to at least return home by different roads. Remember that you are a woman who is able to attract the attention of an oncoming handsome man. So: the back is straight, the chest is forward, and the gait is from the hip! And then you will never ask yourself “why do men always leave me?”.

9. Limited person

There are women who are very little interested. They understand some narrow topic, for example, they know everything about manicure – and there is nothing more to talk about with them. As a rule, they are not particularly saddened by their own limitations. With such a lady, a man will soon get bored, and he will look for interest on the side.

10. Mannish woman

Sometimes you can see women whose appearance is akin to men, with appropriate behavior. Their manners are rude, their movements are abrupt, and they often use profanity in their conversation. They try to compete with men everywhere – at work, in an argument, in a conversation. By the way, some ladies, fragile and graceful in appearance, do this too. 

Psychologists warn that women should not compete with men, there will be no good result here. The representatives of the stronger sex do not need men in a skirt. Therefore – the maximum of femininity, both in behavior and in appearance!


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