“I want to please a man!” – perhaps, such a thought visited any woman. Someone seeks to arouse sympathy in a particular gentleman, and someone wants to attract the attention of all the guys around, so that later they can choose the most worthy. There is no need to be ashamed to change something in your behavior in order to please a man. We live in a society, we are surrounded by many people whom we do not even always notice. In such an environment, a person can pass by his fate without even looking at it. To prevent this from happening to you, you need to be able to attract the attention of people and like them. In the article we will tell you how to do it.

From this article you will learn:

  1. How to behave to please a man
  2. What tricks will help to fall in love with a man
  3. How to communicate with a man depending on his zodiac sign
  4. How to keep the attention of the man you like
  5. What to do to please a man in bed

What kind of women do men like

Suppose you set a goal for yourself to please a man. To begin with, let’s decide which women the opposite sex considers attractive and desirable.

A lady must love, appreciate and respect herself. A person who does not respect his dignity cannot force other people to do this. When you begin to like your reflection in the mirror, then you will certainly arouse sympathy from the opposite sex. Healthy self-love is in no way connected with selfishness and is manifested in the care of appearance, attention to one’s feelings, desires and needs.

A man will pay attention to a healthy woman, as he will subconsciously evaluate her as the future mother of his children. A healthy person is always beautiful, active, cheerful, full of vitality and full of ideas and aspirations. And, on the contrary, you absolutely do not want to get acquainted with sluggish people of a sickly appearance. There is a subconscious fear that you can become just as dull and weak. So don’t forget to take care of your health. Visit specialists in a timely manner, play sports, eat right.

Men don’t like stupid girls. It’s not about extensive encyclopedic knowledge or academic degrees. It is enough to read books, be interested in events in the world and have your own point of view on them, and not copy the judgments of other people.

A girl should be able to keep up a conversation on various topics and know how to behave in society. If you feel that you have gaps in this area, you can always read educational literature, go to courses, watch video lessons, sign up for trainings. Try to go to the cinema, theaters, exhibitions, take up an interesting hobby. Then you will not only listen to the gentleman and ask clarifying questions, but you will also be able to tell him something interesting.Men are attracted to self-sufficient women. A self-sufficient person does not depend on other people in his decisions and judgments. Such a woman will not dump the load of her problems on the gentleman on the first date, complain, whine, ask for advice on how to live on. Demonstrate lightness and self-confidence. Show a man that you are not afraid of small troubles and you can take care not only of yourself, but also of him. Avoid criticism and negative statements about the gentleman, even if you really don’t like something. After all, if you want your interests and hobbies to be respected, then reciprocate. Do not enter into disputes, it is better to offer to remain with your opinions.

How to impress a man on a date

If you want to please a man, do not put off its implementation until later. Get to work on the first date, otherwise there may not be a second. First of all, calm down and take control of yourself. Take a few deep breaths in and out. You should not show the gentleman how excited you are and how much importance you attach to meeting him.

If the conversation was interrupted and silence hung, there is no need to frantically look for a new topic for conversation. Look the man in the eyes and smile. If it is comfortable to be in silence with a person, it means that you really have something in common.

Men prefer to keep the initiative in their hands and be the first to take a step to get to know a lady. However, this does not mean that a woman is forbidden to be active. If you feel the gaze of a gentleman on you, smile back at him. Or you can come up and ask why he looks at you like that. Actually, the question can be anything. The main thing is to find an excuse to start a conversation.

When your relationship has moved to a new stage, be active, show your emotions, do not hesitate to show how good you are. After all, if you want to please a man in bed, you must first of all let him know that he is an unsurpassed lover, capable of bringing you to the highest point of pleasure.

Another strong weapon in conquering a gentleman is cooking. Learn to cook delicious food. Dishes don’t have to be complicated, no one is forcing you to stuff pike. You can choose simple options, but you need to cook them perfectly. After all, not everyone succeeds in frying potatoes deliciously.

Guys appreciate housekeeping in a girl, again, with an eye to further life together. Therefore, always before the arrival of a man, get out of the house, put things clean and tidy. If the date takes place on his territory and you see a mountain of unwashed dishes, offer the guy to wash it. Only if you agree do you get to work. After all, many people do not like it when outsiders interfere in everyday affairs.

Try to look attractive at any time of the day. Buy a beautiful shirt, give up greasy and strong-smelling night creams, and keep your bedding clean. During the day, do not deny yourself the pleasure of dressing beautifully, doing your hair, applying light makeup. And, of course, do not forget about the main weapon of a woman – underwear. Do not be afraid to spend money on him, all investments will pay off when a worthy man becomes yours.

Be fully equipped twenty-four hours a day. It is worth relaxing at least once, leaving the house uncombed, without makeup and in an old tracksuit, and, as luck would have it, he will appear.
10 effective ways to make any man fall in love with you

For example, you want to please a man younger than you. In this case, remember that all young people in their hearts remain small children who need motherly affection. Delicious food, tenderness and care will create an atmosphere that a guy simply cannot refuse. He will be able to forgive you some imperfections if you create an absolute comfort zone for him in significant things.

Men are narcissistic creatures, and a woman can use this trait to her advantage. If a lady wants the chosen one to be manageable, you need to give him as many compliments as possible, praise him, be sincerely proud of his achievements and not skimp on kind words.
Men love with their eyes. For them, appearance, grooming and style are important. You need to monitor your image: complement it with suitable wardrobe details, work on hair and makeup, be sure to go to the gym. Do not forget about the inner charm: smile more, do not be rude and do not participate in disputes.

  1. No wonder they say that the forbidden fruit is sweet. Become an unconquered peak for your chosen one. Show slight interest in his address, but in no case hang yourself on the neck. Then the man will understand that you need to win, and will begin to act. Encourage his activity, but do not give up immediately. It is difficult to determine the limit to which one must remain impregnable. Most likely, the heart and circumstances will tell you when it is worth giving in to the onslaught of the gentleman and surrendering the defense.
  2. Men are attracted by mystery and mystery. Do not reveal all the cards at once, take care of your personal space. Let your lover into him only after you are sure of his feelings.
  3. On the one hand, men expect maternal care and affection from their beloved, on the other hand, they strive to protect and protect their soul mate. Use these features of male psychology for your own purposes. Of course, you should not demonstrate deliberate naivety, especially if you are no longer a young person, it will look too affected. But the gentleman must feel your weakness, it will awaken in him the masculine principle and the desire to protect you.
  4. Want to please a man? Support the chosen one in all endeavors, become his confidant, to whom you can complain about the imperfection of the world. After all, men, like little children, love to be pitied in difficult times.
  5. Representatives of both sexes are divided into two types: the strong strive to love, the weak want to be loved. As a rule, in a couple one person loves, the second allows himself to be loved. If you are a strong woman, then your other half will be a weak man, this is how the world works. Two strong-willed people will not be able to build relationships, as they will be engaged in pulling the blanket over to their side.

  6. Men at heart remain children who love various games. Do not limit the chosen one in his hobbies, but, on the contrary, try to participate in them. If you are not close to computer games, do not interfere with your partner to enjoy your hobby. He will definitely appreciate the respect for his interests.
  7. The love front appears to a man as a full-fledged battle, from which he wants to emerge victorious. Become a worthy trophy in this battle. First, fight back, and then, at the right moment, announce your complete surrender. The chosen one will always remember how he sought you for a long time. Over the years, this story will turn into a fairy tale that will be told to your grandchildren at bedtime.

How to understand that a man likes you

It reduces the distance

In the psychological literature you will find information that the distance between people depends on the environment in which they are. For example, in social and business contacts, the distance from one person to another should be 1-3 meters. When you are next to a friend, the distance is reduced to 0.6-1 meters. Further – an intimate zone, in which only very close people are allowed. If you notice that the gentleman is trying to close the distance between you, you can regard this behavior as a signal that he is sympathetic and wants to move to a new stage in the relationship. Body language can also reveal a man’s intentions. If during a conversation he often leans in your direction, then he really likes you.

His speech changes.

Most people do not know how to fully control their body, voice, facial expressions. Therefore, if a young man tries to hide his interest from you, something will inevitably betray his true feelings, for example, speech. You will hear nervousness in her, her voice may tremble slightly or become hoarse. A man can either chatter incessantly, or, on the contrary, speak slowly to appear calmer. The guy will suddenly start using parasitic words, although you have not heard them from him before. Any changes in speech indicate that a man is not indifferent to you. Therefore, listen carefully to your gentleman and compare with how he communicates with other people, so as not to be mistaken in your conclusions.

He is trying to make you laugh

If you want to please a man, then laugh at his jokes. When a gentleman tries to make you laugh, appreciate his efforts and smile back. After all, his behavior suggests that he feels sincere sympathy for you. A sense of humor is a very valuable quality. The person who possesses it will always be able to defuse the atmosphere with a good joke and will never let his beloved woman get bored. Remember, laughter improves well-being and improves mood. In addition, a man with a sense of humor will be able to appreciate your witticisms and laugh at them.

Sign language speaks for him.

Take a closer look at the behavior of the gentleman. Have you noticed that in your presence he straightens his back and draws in his stomach? Or does he start to get nervous, twist a pencil in his hands, constantly touch his hair or the tip of his nose? Or does he preen in front of the mirror, adjusting his clothes, evaluating his own reflection?All these are clear signs that the young man really likes you.

The conversation touches on very personal topics.

Of course, there will be no revelations about “skeletons in the closet”. A man will be able to share deeply intimate things with you only when you become relatives and close people. And even that is not a fact, because every person has the right not to reveal their secrets. But if a young man feels sympathy for you, he will try to establish an emotional connection with you, and for this he will remember, for example, a funny adventure from his childhood. Or share stories about your family. In any case, these will be pleasant, sentimental, dear stories to his heart, with the help of which he will try to establish contact with you and form a positive opinion about himself.

The timbre of the voice goes down.

When a young man wants to please a lady and tries to look more courageous and confident, the timbre of his voice goes down. This is done intuitively, a man may not even notice that he began to speak differently. However, some guys deliberately add velvety notes to their voices to sound more sexy and seductive. If you notice a change in the speech of the gentleman, do not doubt that he likes you, and that he is waiting for your encouragement in order to act further.

He tries to touch you

Many men, especially if they hope to have sex with a lady in the near future, try to immediately establish tactile contact. To do this, they often touch a woman by the hand, lightly hug, pat her on the back, straighten a strand of hair that has fallen out, and remove a fictitious or real speck of dust from her clothes. Of course, there are kinesthetic people who perceive and cognize the world around them through tactile sensations. However, they still do not invade the personal space of another person. Therefore, if you notice that a guy is trying to use any excuse to touch you, you can be sure of his interest in your person. If you already on the first date want to please a man and kiss and are thinking how to do this, then pay attention to whether the gentleman touches you. In the case of a positive answer, you can count on success: only a small step remains to be taken before the kiss.

In any case, always pay attention to your partner’s behavior. It will make it clear better than words whether you are on the right track, if you are trying to earn his favor, or if you are doing something wrong and you need to urgently correct your actions.

Nice care and attention. So he loves?

Really, it’s so nice, it’s so cool. He does things. They say a man should be judged by his actions. Only actions show the seriousness of a man. And he does things, he gives flowers, he calls home, gives small gifts, takes you to restaurants. He wishes good morning, good afternoon, bon appetit, good night, how did you sleep. He is even ready to chat on WhatsApp for several hours at night. And you think, my God, pays attention, looks after beautifully. In fact, what I observe is that most of the girls in the post-Soviet space are very easy to win over in this way. It is very easy to inspire confidence, it is easy to create an illusion with just that.

But let’s figure it out. What quality of mine is indicated by the fact that I know how to care for and pay attention? About one of my qualities, that at the stage when I’m interested in a woman, I take great care and pay attention. This does not guarantee that I will also look after you in a relationship, that I will also pay so much attention to you after two years of life. This says exactly that while I am interested in a woman, I do it. Think about such a thing, a caring and caring man. These are two different terms, but for some reason it seems to you that if he does this, it means.

You probably want to say, but how to determine then that a man is worthy? Then there is no need to strive for this at all, or if he cares, then he is definitely unworthy? Or definitely bad? No, it means exactly one thing: if I am beautifully courting, then I am beautifully courting. And yes, you should be happy if it makes you happy. If you like it, you should be grateful. But do not think out, do not inflate out of this what is not.

If I beautifully look after and pay attention, it means absolutely it. If I’m cool fighting in the alley, protecting you from two villains, does this mean that I’m courageous? May be. But globally, it says that I fight well. And that I am physically ready to protect you. But this does not mean that I am courageous in life, that I am courageous in life, that I am courageous in goals, that I am courageous in moving forward. Surely you know men who are physically strong, he is brutal, broad shoulders, strong arms, a master of sports in some kind of martial art, but in life he is passive, he cannot advance in his career, he is afraid to start a business. You don’t have to think about something that doesn’t exist. If I fight well, it means that I fight well.

The ability to care and pay attention does not guarantee that a man is serious and does not guarantee that a man is worthy. By the way, according to my observations, the best caregivers are married men. These are the most professional caregivers.

How to keep the attention of a man you like

Love fever sometime embraced each of us. And sometimes we make tremendous efforts to please the object of our love, and then relax. And therein lies the biggest catch. Suppose you have been seeking the man you like for a long time. On the way to your goal, you sacrificed your interests, limited yourself, spent money on a new wardrobe and beauty salons. And here is the long-awaited victory! You have won the heart of a young man, and things are already moving towards a wedding. But suddenly he suddenly announces that he wants to leave. You are in shock, you do not understand what is happening. So what happened? Perhaps your partner has cooled off towards you or realized that his feelings are not as strong as you would like.

There can be many reasons for breaking up. But we must remember that men are primarily hunters and conquerors. This is inherent in nature and cannot be changed, but a wise woman can use this trait for her own purposes. Think about your relationship with your lover. Surely you have already decided that it is in your pocket, and relaxed. But men love novelty in a relationship. They like it when a woman is able to surprise even after years of marriage. If the beloved has turned into a boring, insipid homebody, the young man may cool off towards her and decide to part. You can see what other mistakes you should avoid on the love front here:

When the main reason why men end relationships with a partner is known, a woman needs to remember about it and correct her behavior at the right time. This can be done in the following ways:

Сruel games

Imagine yourself in the role of an important person who is always busy and does not have much time for relationships with the opposite sex. Try to get into the role. Find something to do so that your life is really filled with business and meetings.

Dose the time that you devote to your beloved. You can even start a game with him: today you are sweet and caring, and tomorrow you suddenly disappear. After a short time, you appear with an apology and an explanation that you were very busy, so you could not meet.
Another game involves a radical change of mood. One day you are gentle and sweet, the next you are determined and cold-blooded. The young man will be confused by the versatility of your character and decide that he will definitely never get bored with you.

Mentally prepare for the fact that psychological games will require serious physical and emotional costs from you. It won’t be easy at times. But if you want to please a man not for a couple of months, but for the rest of your life, then you must not feel sorry for yourself, but mobilize all your forces and direct them towards achieving your goal.


Ask your lover to help you with something, such as moving furniture or picking you up from the store. If he refuses a favor, do not persuade or impose. Agree that he is very busy and say that you will ask a colleague or college friend. Then the young man will know that he has competitors. This will make him pay more attention to you.

However, you should not go too far and give a man a reason to suspect you of a double game, be jealous and not trust you. Don’t flirt or flirt with other guys. Explain to your partner that you really need male help, that there are things that you cannot handle on your own, because you are simply not so physically strong.

Hobbies and hobbies

A man is not a reason to give up his hobbies and hobbies. Don’t lock your life on your partner. Be active, be interested in new knowledge and skills. After all, if you look at your partner, you will see that he did not give up his favorite fishing and going to the stadium with friends for you.
Therefore, if you want to please a man, then do not abandon your hobby, but rather expand your circle of hobbies. Then the young man will see that his beloved is a self-sufficient person, and will not be afraid that over time you will begin to forbid him to do what he loves.

Future Programming

This does not mean that you need to convince the gentleman that in five years you will have a mortgage and two children. From such a prospect, he is likely to run away. In this case, programming means establishing connections between all aspects of a man’s life and you. You must become a part of the everyday life of a young person and create joint traditions and rituals. For example, make it a habit to visit friends every Friday and play board games. Or cook dinner together on Saturdays. Or on Wednesdays, meet him near the office to sit in the cafe in the evening.

Such traditions accustom a partner to the fact that you will always be a part of his life. You can also give small souvenirs so that they remind the guy of you.

If you just met and still don’t know each other well, tell the young person more often about what you like, for example, that you like cappuccino in the morning or dark chocolate, not milk chocolate. The cavalier will remember your preferences in order to pleasantly surprise and please you on occasion.

How to please a man in bed

A wise woman knows that physical pleasure can bind a partner more than other means of seduction. In ancient times, girls were taught how to please the strong sex. Now this tradition is a thing of the past, but if you want to please a man in bed, but are not confident in your abilities, you can search for video lessons on the Internet, or sign up for special courses that are rare, but are found.

So that a gentleman experienced in love affairs does not forget about you after the first night, think about how you can relax him and relieve accumulated stress. A massage, a warm bath with aromatic oils, relaxing music, subdued lights, soft towels and fresh linens will do.

When you massage your partner, remember that your goal is to please, not to straighten your spine. Movements should be light, smooth, soothing. Enjoy the process. A man, seeing your sincere involvement, will feel arousal and desire.

As a rule, a partner expects activity from a lady only during foreplay. The task of a woman is to thoroughly excite her gentleman, and then he will do everything himself. A man who considers himself a good lover will definitely try to make his partner experience maximum pleasure.

A man’s self-esteem will suffer greatly if he realizes that the lady did not experience an orgasm during sex with him, but only imitated him. Your lies will hurt the gentleman very much, and he will no longer want to communicate. To prevent this from happening, tune in to intimacy with the following recommendations:
1. Keep your body sexy. In care, use scrubs and moisturizers to make the skin soft and velvety. Do hair removal and monitor the condition of the intimate area. It should be neat and fragrant. Do not forget about pedicures and manicures, many guys like well-groomed nails.

2. Develop your libido. If you like a man, try to feel the excitement. You can imagine how he begins to caress you, while working with intimate muscles. Feel the desire awaken. The gentleman will definitely feel your mood and will be interested in you in earnest.

3. Don’t ignore oral sex. The man will be grateful to you for this. Just do not need to reveal all your talents on the first night together. Leave the aces up your sleeve, because you still have many dates ahead of you.
4. The partner must feel your desire. When a woman is aroused, her vagina becomes moist. During penetration, the man feels natural lubrication. For him, this is a sure sign that it is time to move on to action. If you suffer from dryness in the intimate area or from excessive mucus formation, you should immediately consult a doctor, because such manifestations can be symptoms of diseases.
5. After sex, do not rush to turn on your side and fall asleep. Enjoy moments of complete devastation and relaxation with your partner. Lie down nearby, be silent, or, conversely, remember the pleasant moments of intimacy.

Thank you for reading this article to the end!


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