10 Causes Of Fear In Men During The Stages Of Love


Love is a strong positive feeling. According to scientists, a person in love experiences something similar to euphoria, as certain hormones are actively produced in his body.
However, many young people often consciously try to make sure that the stages of love in men proceed as slowly as possible, and this strong feeling of falling in love does not arise for them for as long as possible.

What’s the matter? The stages of love in men and falling in love itself brings a lot of positive emotions, but they avoid it? Consider the reasons that, according to psychologists, affect this:

Reason #1 is the fear of losing control of yourself.

Falling in love is a strong feeling that pulls the ground from under your feet. When a person falls in love, he loses control over himself, becomes defenseless and dependent. A man who is used to being strong and decisive is lost and uncomfortable with such sensations.
It seems to a man that a man in love cannot control himself and his life. It is for this reason that many men unconsciously reject the feeling of falling in love. They can be understood, because at every stage of love in men, hatred, resentment, disappointment can fall on them like an avalanche. It is very difficult to control these feelings, especially if you are in love.

Reason #2 is the fear of losing freedom.

Many men are afraid of losing their freedom because of falling in love. As a rule, a person who is not ready to enter into a serious relationship, to go through all the stages of love in men, tries to control his feelings.

Of course, love can appear in life unexpectedly, and then it is very difficult to set some kind of framework for it. If a man believes that freedom is his main priority, then he will restrain the development of his feelings as much as possible.

Reason number 3 – fear of pain.

Many men are afraid of repeating their previous negative life experiences. If a young man has already gone through the stages of love and experienced the pain of falling in love with a woman, then he will unconsciously seek to avoid this feeling. Nobody wants to feel pain and suffer.

Unfortunately, such a man, as a rule, does not even want to think about love, and concentrates only on sexual pleasure. In such a situation, the stages of love in men proceed very slowly. Psychology allows us to solve such problems.

Reason #4 is the fear of responsibility.

It may seem that a man is calm and confident. He spends time with a woman and looks quite pleased. But when she starts talking about a wedding or engagement, he just wants to run away. In such a situation, the development of feelings is impossible. Everything stops at sympathy, that is, the first stage of love in men. Marriage, as it seems to them, does not make any sense, and it only brings problems. They don’t want problems.

A man may think he can get along just fine without a woman. He himself copes with the household, and you can communicate and have a sexual life “on the side.” If such a man sees that he has the prospect of getting married and starting a family, then he suffers terribly and, as a rule, breaks off relations.

Such men are inveterate bachelors. They have many negative attitudes about marriage and family. For them, all the stages of love in men and everything connected with them are not joy and happiness, but problems and unnecessary worries.

Reason #5 is the fear of showing weakness.

Being in love makes a person more open, and therefore weaker and defenseless. If it is important for a man to maintain the image of “cool”, then he suppresses his feelings and does not allow himself to fall in love. Such a man can completely deny that love exists, and argue that only material values ​​matter to him in the world.

This does not mean that this man will never understand what love is. Not at all. It’s just that his feelings will develop much more slowly than others.

Reason number 6 – lack of money.

If a man has problems with money, then he begins to suffer from strong complexes. Unfortunately, many people think that a woman is only interested in money. A lover wants to beautifully look after his chosen one, give gifts at all stages. To realize that this is impossible is rather unpleasant for the strong half of humanity. And this situation scares them, and many of them feel that they are better off staying single, because they still cannot afford the cost of courtship.

Reason #7 – Fear of change.

Love breaks into a person’s life like a whirlwind and destroys absolutely everything in it. Alas, few men are enthusiastic about change. Many of them do not endure even minor changes in life easily.

Such a psychological problem is complicated by the fact that a man is torn into two parts. On the one hand, he feels that he needs love, and on the other hand, he is afraid to change anything in his life.

Reason #8 – Fear of disappointing your love.

As we found out, considering the stages of love in men and women, partners often look better at the initial stage of a relationship than they really are. They hide their flaws and flaunt their virtues. But a strong love makes them show their true nature. Not every person is ready to show their worst side to their partner. And for this reason, many people choose to abstain from intimate relationships.

This kind of fear appears in men who are not confident in themselves, and who think that there is nothing to love them for.

Reason number 9 – problems in intimate terms.

Intimate problems make a man refrain from falling in love. This makes him very vulnerable. He will never feel good with the woman he loves if he has problems in bed.

When parting, a man, as a rule, pretends that the reason is not in him, but in the fact that “they did not get along in character”, but the essence of this does not change. It will not be clear to others why this relationship did not work out, but only a man will understand the real reason. In such a difficult situation, the stages of love in men are painful.

Reason #10 – Fear of rejection.

This set is also associated with insecurity and negative past experiences. If a man believes that his feelings are not mutual, then he will seek to hide them. He is afraid of being rejected and therefore prefers not to build a love relationship at all. Such a man is internally very constrained and overly cautious in dealing with women.

We have learned what are the stages of love in men, why cooling can occur in a couple, and why some people are afraid to give free rein to their feelings.

Falling in love is a wonderful and joyful feeling. However, not everyone knows how to enjoy it. If you see that it is difficult for your partner to give freedom to his feelings, do not rush him. 

Over time, he will accept his new sensations and allow them to manifest.


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