I am sure that every woman at least once in her life experienced the situation described below.
At some public event (conference, wedding, party) you notice an interesting man and try to impress him. But after a few hours you go home, feeling like a rejected loser.

Why does this happen? What did you do wrong? Was he bored with you?

While you remember similar situations from your life and try to understand their reason, I will tell you how to make a first impression on a man so that in the end he asks you for a phone number and offers to go on a date.

To do this, you may remember 10 rules.

Stay calm

It’s clear that being emotionally restrained when there is someone who you like is hard. However, if you want to get an invitation to a date, you need to behave with a man in such a way that he sees a riddle in you.

Your task is by no means to impress him as a spectator who came to a spectacular circus performance. You need to be interested in something else…

Seduce him intellectually

Making a good impression on a man is pretty easy if you follow the 80/20 rule. With intelligent men, in most cases it works 100%.
So what should be done? In fact, everything is simple – 80% of the time listen to him and only 20% speak yourself and ask him questions.

In this way, you’ll show your interest and save him from feeling that he is monologue.

Why does it work? Because absolutely all men love to talk about themselves and their achievements.

Do not mention marriage and future plans

In your 20% of the conversation, in no case should you touch on the topic of marriage. This is a completely inappropriate topic when you are trying to impress a man.

Any mention of marriage can be taken as the reason why you are now getting to know him. It will also become the reason why he wants to quickly end the dialogue and leave.

Another thing is if he asks about your plans for the future. Then, mixed with “get a diploma”, “find a good job” and “get a kitten”, you can casually mention the desire to meet a soul mate. But you can’t focus on it.

Don’t talk about yourself unless he asks for it.

When trying to make a first impression on a man, keep your life story to yourself. He should take the initiative in this regard.

If he asks about your hobbies, childhood, youth, answer. Briefly, without going into too much detail. If he does not ask such questions, then it does not interest him yet. But don’t be offended. Just everything has its time.

Listen carefully

I have already mentioned that men like to talk about themselves. But even more we like it when someone enthusiastically listens to these stories.
If you are not very interested in the information he gives out, but you still want to continue your acquaintance, you will have to pretend. Make eye contact, nod your head, smile and laugh when appropriate.
Sometimes ask again in surprise or ask simple clarifying questions. You can be sure that such behavior will definitely help to make a good impression on a man.

Don’t mention your past relationships

A lot of people complain about their ex when they meet or on a first date. And this applies to both men and women. But in fact, this is the worst topic that you can think of to discuss when meeting.

Of course, you can impress a man by talking about your plight and the “sh…t” that ruined your life. But it won’t be exactly what you want. Don’t be surprised if the other person starts looking for reasons to leave if the conversation takes a similar turn.

Do not give advice or express your opinion until he asks

This is the most common trap girls fall into when trying to impress a man.
If he talks about a situation and you really want to show yourself as an expert in this area and give advice, control yourself.

You can only express your opinion superficially. And even then, only if he asks for it. Think for yourself, do you need advice from a person whom you see for the first time in your life?

Touch him

Touch the back of his hand or lightly touch his arm. But only once! This will be a discrete signal that you are interested in him as a man. But if there are a lot of such gestures, he can understand this as an invitation to go to your house and get to know you better.

Therefore, if your goal is not a one-night stand, “hold your horses.” One or two unobtrusive touches per evening. Not more.

Show no interest in material things

I understand that you are tired of men who live with their parents. But the first conversation is absolutely not the right time to discuss his income and property.

So you can give the impression of a girl who is looking for a “daddy” who will suit her life. Just focus on the fact that you like him. And let him understand it.


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