7 stages of love in men: instructions for girls


Gender relationship experts have noticed something interesting: Many girls who can’t get married don’t understand that a man’s love is very different from a woman’s. Psychologists say that this is the reason for an unsuccessful personal life. Such girls need to figure out what stages of love men have so that painful breaks and heartfelt disappointments stop bothering them.

A woman and a man are so different from each other that each of them even falls in love in his own way, and the speed of this process is different for them. If a girl believes that a man is a “hunter”, then it is unlikely that a partner will be attracted for a long time. When she stops thinking that she is “prey”, then she has the opportunity to become the heroine of a serious novel. For this to happen, you need to figure out what are the stages of love in a relationship with a man.

Stage 1: I like you.

Physical attractiveness is important for men. If girls sometimes fall in love with guys who are not so good looking, but command respect, then men never do that.
Not so long ago, an experiment was conducted in the United States that made it possible to see the stages of love in men through the eyes of a psychologist. On one of the dating sites, a guy and a girl posted their attractive photos. And on a date they came already “fat”. The appearance of fullness was created with the help of a special suit and makeup. Everything looked as if the guy and the girl had serious problems with being overweight.

The men who met the “fat” girl asked her about her weight almost immediately, and then left.
But the women who found out that the guy with whom they corresponded was full, communicated with him gently. Some of them allowed themselves to be hugged and allowed a friendly kiss on the cheek. They did not leave the date, and this suggests that the stages of love in men and women proceed completely differently.
In the West, divorced women who have gained excess weight are actively returning to sports and losing weight. This allows them to quickly find a new lover. They think like this: if a woman is slender and she does not have the need to regularly “take out his brain”, then finding a new life partner will not be so difficult.
We recommend to remember: men are attracted by the physical body, its beauty. If it seems to you that he chose you because you are sensitive and kind, then you are mistaken.
What exactly did a man like about your appearance? Some people like big breasts, while others like small ones. Some young people are fascinated by women with thin ankles or long hair. Among men, there are connoisseurs of steep hips, and there are those who love narrow ones. Each of them has their own “type of woman” that they like. And many men, by the way, cannot formulate what attracts them so much.
As soon as a man notices that a woman matches his “type”, he feels how much he likes her. Did you think he was in love? Not yet. We will consider the stages of development of love between a man and a woman further in this article.

Stage 2: Exploration.

Many men like several women at the same time. They do some kind of “reconnaissance” to see which of the girls will react to his attention. Only in a situation where a man noticed the presence of a reciprocal interest, he proceeds to concentrate on one chosen one.
His attention is minimal. It’s not about flirting or courtship. A man seeks to make sure that if he starts to make an effort, he has a chance for reciprocity. At this stage of love, men have no attachment to the girl. He doesn’t care how she reacts to his attempts to get her attention. Even if she’s not interested in him, it won’t hurt him. He’ll just start courting another girl. There may be exceptions. But in most cases they are associated with some problems (concern, etc.). Normal men feel light and at ease.

Stage 3. Persecution.

Girls, at this stage of love in men do you get the most pleasure? When a man is chasing you?
If a man notices hints that the girl does not mind getting courtship, then he will start “hunting” for her. By the way, he can imagine that she agrees to a relationship.

A man who is sure that he is attractive to a girl will immediately begin to try to get her attention. At this stage of love in men, he strives to be noticed. He wants to show a woman how much he likes her. A girl can easily fall in love when she sees that a man is actively working to get her attention. If she gives him some kind of positive reaction, for example, agrees to a date or answers messages, then there is a transition to the next stage of love in men.

Stage 4: Making an impression.

If women are often ready to fall in love at this stage, then the man has not even thought about it yet. He just likes to impress a woman. He wants to prove that he is a worthy partner. At this stage of love, men have interesting dates, gifts are given, and both partners feel happy. If the girl hasn’t given up yet, then, as a rule, this happens at this stage.

Stage 5: Winning your love.

At this stage of love, something interesting happens in men. The young man, who has made a lot of efforts to win the attention of a woman, now wants one thing – that she loves him. For him, this is an achievement and a reward. He does not want to fall in love himself, it is important for him that she fall in love with him. By the way, men actively demonstrate that they are interested in a serious relationship. And they do this with one goal: for the girl to see in a man an excellent long-term partner. At this stage, a woman can seriously fall in love, but a man – not yet.

Stage 6: Decision.

Not everyone reaches this stage of love in men. This is only possible if the girl openly expresses her feelings, and the young man is sure that she loves him and is ready for a serious relationship with him. Women do not even realize that for the strong half of humanity, everything that happened before this stage is just an interesting preliminary game.
In addition, at this stage of love, men have several problems.
Alas, until this moment the young man was not himself. The man with whom the girl fell in love is not who he really is.
He did not ask himself if this girl was suitable for him as a life partner. All communication was based only on his physical attraction to this woman.
At this stage of love in men, he begins to think about whether he needs this girl and relationships in general. He evaluates her character, habits, reflects.

At this stage of love, men have such questions:
I love her?
Do I want to be with her?
Will I be truly happy with her?
Is this the woman I’ve always dreamed of?

It is noteworthy that the girl was not herself either. She was doing the same diligent pretense as he was. And by the way, maybe this is the reason why a young man does not answer positively to all his internal questions, having reached this stage of love in men.
Often a man decides to end the relationship. Girls often think that he does this unreasonably. And most often he does not explain anything, and if he does, the reasons seem to be fictitious. The fact is that a man easily joins the game where he is a “hunter”, then he also easily leaves this game. Especially if it turned out that the girl does not at all correspond to his ideal image of a dream woman. As a rule, at this stage of love in men, relationships in such a situation are destroyed.

Stage 7: Love.

A man analyzes his feelings and decides to continue the relationship with his chosen one. At this stage of love in men, the partner is ready to give free rein to his feelings, he truly falls in love. In the next few months, the couple spends time wonderfully and romantically. A man shows his love, takes care of a girl.
Men are more rational in their feelings. They really need to think about a lot, evaluate all the features of the relationship before falling in love.
In order for a woman not to fall into the trap where the man is the “hunter” and she is the “prey”, she needs to turn the situation in her favor. She can do this if she understands what are the stages of love in men, and what are their features. Young people do not expect that a girl can behave in such a way that all this game will not happen at all.
Few girls know how to interact with men on a “human” level. That is, the girl does not fall in love, but simply communicates with a man, as with an interesting person whom she respects and whom she feels sympathy for. This approach takes the relationship to the stage when the main stages of love for men have already been passed, and the young man is forced to immediately understand whether he needs this woman. And this is impossible if people start playing “hunting”.
How to understand that a man loves you:

How is female love different from the stages of love in men

How does a woman fall in love? The girl tends to be more emotional. Nevertheless, women’s falling in love begins with the same thing as men’s – with sympathy. A woman may like the appearance of a man, like his manner of behaving, etc.
If partners do not see each other often, then female love will not develop. For example, if a girl sees a man only six months later, then there can be no talk of any feelings. Note that in some cases, the girls themselves are looking for the attention of a young man. By the way, sometimes they do it with great enthusiasm. How will this affect the stages of love in men? The girl took the initiative first, can this weaken the young man’s feelings? There is no single answer to this question.
The next step is called attention. If a man shows signs of attention and continues courtship, tries to be closer, then sympathy grows. Over time, a woman can begin to show attention to her partner herself. Often, girls begin to expect too much his messages, gifts or surprises. At the beginning of this article, we looked at the 7 stages of love. The period of humility in a man comes gradually. Therefore, it is important to understand that a man will fall in love for real later, when he is ready for this.
The next step is jealousy. It may seem absurd, but this stage can be decisive in the development of feelings. When a woman sees that a guy is attractive not only to her, but also to others, it makes her think about taking him more seriously. It is important how a man behaves in a situation where other women show interest in him. If he starts flirting with them, then his chosen one may forever go out all sorts of feelings.
The next stage is called “only”. A woman believes that her man is perfect and perfect. She is sure that only he suits her. She feels that he is very attracted to him both emotionally and physically. By the way, at this stage, the girls are getting prettier, seem cheerful and joyful. At this stage of love, men also undergo a physical transformation.
Note that falling in love is only one of the stages of the relationship between a man and a woman. Everything can end there, or it can transform into a real, deep and mutual feeling. But it is impossible to predict how certain relationships will develop.


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