A girl’s happiness largely depends on herself. However, as the words and deeds of a man, they allow themselves to be loved and happy.

When he’s cooking his favorite meal for dinner, or booking a table for two at his favorite restaurant, when he’s having a romantic date on the rooftop. Or book spa services, massages and wraps, or a trip to a beautiful place.

Happy relationships just consist of such moments. And in order to have more such moments, there is a set of messages that inspire and motivate a man to act.

SMS to beloved man

At the same time, diminutive words like “bunny, baby, teddy bear, sweet”, etc. are not worth it. Here is an example of a message to a man that he will like 100% if you were very busy the other day:

“Dear Jacob, I’m sorry that I paid so little time and attention to you. I am so grateful to you for what you … (write what he specifically did). I was so pleased! And I promise to get better.”

And now I offer 19 messages that will help kindle a fire in a relationship and motivate a man to exploits.

I love your (your, yours)…

All people like to receive compliments. When writing erotic or romantic messages to a man, indicate something specific and not too banal: a sexy voice, pumped up arms, a languid look, etc.

You are the most … in this world!

Kind, courageous, caring, gentle, cheerful, brave, loving, successful.

I believe in you!

It is better to send such a message when a man is preparing to participate in some important event (report, important negotiations at work). This seemingly banal, short message can show how much you believe in him.

Just thinking about you

Send this message to a man, and after a few minutes something like: “Just heard our song on the radio.”

Missing You

Trite? This is true. So add a clarification: I miss your hands, voice, smell, hugs.

I’m happy that you exist

In this message to a man, add a line starting with “because …” – and you will be surprised when you meet

I have a little surprise for you…

Surprises aren’t just for kids. Men are also crazy about unexpected things. Spontaneity is the lifeblood of a passionate and long-term relationship.

Thank you for helping me / for pampering me…

Thank a man for any actions that you like – and then he will do it more often.

I need you.

You can send such messages to a man if you have already formed a serious relationship and he knows about your feelings. It is important for a man to feel needed by a woman.

You are the best because… !

Men (and not only) need praise. And if at the same time a pleasant reason is also indicated, such a message will give twice the effect.

Good night. I fall asleep and think about you…

This needs no comment. Falling asleep with thoughts of you strengthens the bond and passion between you.

Have a nice day, my hero!

By sending such a message, you are hinting that after a good day, an even better evening awaits him!

Sorry… Let’s reschedule our plans for…

Do not forget that if plans change, it is important not only to warn, but also to apologize. Even if it’s not your fault. This will build open and trusting relationships.

Let me take care of…?

Even a little help will remind him how important he is to you. Especially when it comes to small everyday moments that distract a man from his global goal. For example, make coffee.

Be careful! You are playing with fire! 🔥

Send a similar message when you are sitting at a table with guests or friends, and he shows small signs of attention to other women.

Stop being so cool!

Or: sexy, amazing, cool. This is not a reproach, but a veiled compliment.

Do you want to tell me a secret?

Send this message to a man, wait for a response and send the phrase in the message: “I just can’t get our last meeting out of my head!”.

I want you!

Many messages can excite a man during the day. This message will awaken his imagination and sense of anticipation.

Try to send one of these messages to a man right now, he will be really pleased. And remember, not only your meetings are important – but also the time between them!


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